Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal

Is it Good for Puppies to Have Oatmeal & Oats?

One of the delicious and nutritious staples found in most American homes. It contains many nutritious options such as vitamins, proteins and minerals and a high dose of dietary fiber. This meal can be taken at any point of the day. There is a lot to love when you consider oatmeal. It is a very popular breakfast. Health wise it is a very nutritious diet which has high protein content and dietary fiber. At the same time, it is very delicious. Some like it rolled while some may find the one which is milled better. However, the health benefits are the same. Many people might have the question if their canine companion can also share the same bowl of Oatmeal.

Can Oatmeal Be Given to Dogs?

Yes, Oatmeal can be given to dogs. However, there are many guidelines which you need to go by. You will learn about the nutritional benefits of oatmeal for dogs if you follow some considerations.

The Benefits of Oatmeal for Dogs

Let’s find out if Oatmeal is good for dogs? The answer is yes. It is very similar to the fact that makes the oat grains good for humans and that it is good for our stomach. If you find out that your dog has an allergy towards gluten and can be sensitive to grains or wheat then oatmeal can be a very healthy alternative. It is high in fiber and has many nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that can keep your dog feeling and looking its best. The oatmeal includes:

  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Magnesium

Additionally, it also contains linoleic acid which helps in regulating your dog’s bowel movements and his glucose levels. When everything is nicely settled it can also help in lowering the risk of diabetes and heart diseases along with cardiac levels.

How to Prepare Oatmeal for your Dog?

Now, as you know what to feed, you should now find out how to prepare oatmeal for your dog? Listed are the guidelines which you need to follow.

Keep it simple

The perfect way to introduce oatmeal into your dog’s diet is very simple but bland. You might get many fancy packets in the stores in your local market but your pet would not need them as it would contain extra sugar and additives. Some products even contain artificial sweeteners such as xylitol which are very toxic for dogs. No, that be said, instead of buying flavored oatmeal you can buy plain oatmeal.

Stick with Whole Grains

Always read the labels on the oatmeal box before you buy it. You should only buy the ones which have 100% of whole grains and are not processed. If it is not completely whole grains it may lack health benefits which is offered by whole grains. It might be even difficult for dogs to digest if it is not whole grains. If you have an option always stick to organic oatmeal. The reason being that it does not contain pesticides and chemicals and can give your dog huge nutritional count than the oat meals which are prepared commercially.

Cook the Oats

To make a dog friendly oatmeal you need to simply cook it in water. Never serve it if raw. Or add it in his food. You might find the look nice and might be a crunchy snack for your dog but it is an uncooked oat which is very hard to digest for your dog. It is not just that it might be a choking hazard as they are very hard to swallow.

You should never add milk or sugar to the oatmeal and never add any special topping to the food such as brown sugar, nuts and berries. They are very sensitive when it comes to milk products. Dogs’ bodies can break down lactose as easily as humans.

If made this way your oatmeal will be great for your dog. It would be very tasty and nutritious food for your dog. It is a very easy and smart way to feed nutritious food for dogs.

The guidelines for diet reveal that every 3.5 ounce of raw oats have 8% of water. If you want to add the content of the water, you can try adding Luke warm water to the oatmeal after you have cooked it.

Always keep in mind that it’s a treat for the stomach you should not completely replace the diet with the oatmeal. As it is lacking many nutrients, vitamins and minerals which is required for the dogs healthy growth and development.

Find Out the Right Portions

When you decide to prepare a portion of oatmeal for your pet dog, you need to make sure that you keep it as moderate as possible. You need to add one cup of cooked and plain oatmeal for the pet. This much of the food will provide around 150 calories that is sufficient for him to go beyond his recommended daily quantity. When it comes to caloric requirements, the majority of dogs just need approximately 25 to 30 daily calories for every pound of their body weight. This will help them maintain a healthy body weight.

In other words, if your dog has a body weight of 30 pounds, he will require 750 calories each day. Once you come to know about this, you better stick to just a spoonful or maximum two when you are dishing up. It is important for you to follow that you need to serve a single tablespoon of cooked oatmeal for each 20 pounds of body weight of your pet dog.

Serve It Smartly

Once you are done cooking the oatmeal, you need to make sure that it reaches room temperature before you decide to serve it to your dog. Although you might like to have hot meals, your dogs are different. It is always better to serve them food at room temperature so that their sensitive tongue and gums do not burn and get damaged completely. Sometimes you may feel like adding some extra protein to the oatmeal. In such cases, you can stir in a cooked egg that should do the trick for you.

Once you are done feeding oatmeal to your dog and it has successfully eaten it up, you need to keep the animal under observation. You need to check and observe the way your pet responds to the food. If you see anything strange or if you notice that the animal is in some sort of unrest, then better discontinue the food. It is always better to start feeding oatmeal to your dog in small quantities. This is especially when it is the first time for the animal to have oatmeal. Offering small quantities of oatmeal will also help your canine friend to get used to it properly.

There is very least possibility of your pet dog to have any adverse effects after having oatmeal. However, if you do notice anything wrong with the dog, better rush the animal to a nearby vet. If the reaction is not that serious, you may wait for 24 hours and try feeding it with oatmeal once again. Chances are that your dog will love it this time. Once you notice that it enjoys the food, you can gradually add it to its diet in small quantities.

How Often Should You Feed?

It is important for you to know that plain oatmeal is rather beneficial for your dog. Nonetheless, it is better for you to serve it in small amounts. Most of you may wonder about the reason behind this statement. If you serve a large amount of oatmeal to your dog it may upset their gastrointestinal tract due to the presence of high amounts of fiber in the food. This, in turn may give rise to different types of gastrointestinal symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and bloat.

However, if your dog is already suffering or experiencing bowel issues or gastrointestinal (GI), better offer it a moderate amount of oatmeal as this will provide enough fiber that your pet will need to ease his discomfort. Older dogs normally find it more difficult to keep their bowel movements regular. A few spoonfuls of oatmeal should offer them a gentle nudge that they will really need.

Oatmeal is also pretty rich in carbs and packs in a significant amount of calories. This makes it the second reason for you not to overfeed your pup with oatmeal. If you give this food in large quantities, it will lead to excess body weight that will eventually put extra burden on the poor animal’s joints. It will work fine as a supplement if you decide to give it once or twice a week. However, anything beyond this limit will simply detract the food from the crucial health benefits that it provides.

Most of you may ask what to do if your dog is already overweight. In such matters, if you add oatmeal to the pet’s diet a few days a week, it will help the dog to feel satiated for longer. This will prevent it from overeating.

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